Food Empire Season 1


Food Empire Season 1 – Title Page


Chilli Crab, Bak Kut Teh, Hainanese Curry Rice, Peranankan Babi Panggang and Kambing Soup — Singapore’s pioneer chefs have given our tiny island it’s very own culinary masterpieces. Spanning more than five decades, these chefs and their families have built a nation of food-loving people. Be it decades-old recipes passed down through the generations or original creations, Singapore’s food hawkers and chefs have honed their kitchen skills to perfection. Close to our hearts and bellies, these famed hawkers and family restaurants have fed generations of us, one yummy mouthful at a time. And they have made Singapore the food empire it is today.  A brand new series —  Food Empire — gains exclusive access into the food families behind some of Singapore’s most iconic and loved dishes. Kinship, family secrets, gastronomic magic and precious tales of yummy morsels whet our appetite for more as Food Empire unravels the mystery behind Singapore’s food legacy. Bon Appetit!

8 x 30mins episodes in HD: