Perfect Pairing 《食分绝配》


Perfect Pairing 《食分绝配》 – Title Page

13 flavours on Perfect Pairings

Self­ taught chef, Ivan Yeo, explores and dissects 13 flavours on Perfect Pairings. Focusing on just one flavour in each episode, he uncovers the science and hidden stories behind the ingredient pairings of our favourite foods. Ever curious and spurred by insider kitchen intelligence, Chef Ivan Yeo creates 13 wondrous, new dishes on Perfect Pairings, wrapping each episode on a delicious note.

《食分绝配》根据13种风味,以食物搭配的角度把观众熟悉的佳肴与科学理论结合,发掘这些料理后面所隐藏的 “食趣”。观众将跟随主厨杨应暉的脚步,展开一场具有启发性的旅程,探访不同领域的美食达人,透过他们的传统美食、创意料理,我们得以追溯饮食文化的灵魂,并经由反思激发出更有底蕴的新新创意料理。

13 x 30 Mins episodes: