This Is What I Hear


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Four hard-of-hearing individuals – a boy going for ear surgery, a teenage bowler, a young dancer and an accomplished pianist – help us navigate the misconceptions of the hearing-impaired world.

Four hard-of-hearing individuals – a boy undergoing ear surgery, a teenage athlete rising in her bowling career, a young dancer, and an accomplished pianist – let us into their lives to understand the challenges and misconceptions of the hard-of-hearing world.

Four-year-old Dylan is scheduled for an ear implant surgery that could change his life forever, and his parents are filled with trepidation. Kimberly is a rising bowler from the Singapore Sports School who is competing at the biggest national tournament for the abled. Roseanne breaks new barriers for her community as a deaf dancer. And Dr Azariah is an accomplished performing musician who is coping with ongoing hearing loss.

The series is a quiet study of their everyday lives and struggles, as well as their triumphs and observations. The episodes are accompanied by a special soundscape to draw us closer into their world, and to appreciate what it is that they hear.

4 x 30mins episodes: