Chasing Scarcity

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Title Page of Chasing Scarcity

In an age of abundance, scarcity still plagues society. Forging a realistic future is less about eradicating scarcity, but doing more with nothing. Key to which: communities, and an abundance mindset.

Aaron Maniam, public servant and scholar, takes on one of the biggest questions of our time: Is scarcity real?

Scarcity, for so long a fundamental assumption in Economics, is due for a reassessment. The ubiquity of technology and the changing needs and wants of a generation coming into fore are the impetus; the urgency - an increasingly violent planet.

We live in a time of unprecedented abundance, yet, scarcity persists. As a tool, technology has brought abundance to millions (see China) but it has also been used as a source of consumption that creates other wants.

What must we do for a sustainable and equitable future? One person cannot answer every nuance of this complex question, but Aaron’s search takes him from the vast exteriors of Mongolia to the narrow interiors of the human psyche. Out of which, came a reseach paper, peer-reviewed, and housed online @, inviting as many people to the conversation as possible.

2 x 60 minutes episodes: