Partners In Crime Season 2


Title Page of Partners In Crime Season 2

A brand new season of Partners in Crime returns with more than its share of bizarre crime scenes, unexpected crime stories and brilliant investigative partnering of the police and their forensic counterparts.

An intriguing slate of high profile crime cases challenging both the field of forensic science and the law enforcers sets the stage for the new season.

Helming the second season of intensive investigations are six celebrated forensic scientists from highly specialised fields of forensic work in Asia. From forensic audio expert to forensic fingerprint specialist, the series leaves no stone unturned. To raise the bar further, the new season of Partners in Crime opens the window into exciting and highly- specialised forensic fields such as forensic entomology.  Insects talk and Malaysia’s top forensic entomologist assist the police in deciphering their messages pertaining to horrific crime scenes.

As they all say, it is all in the hair-raising details. And all it takes is a pair of trained eyes to see the real story amidst the ordered chaos of clues and evidence. Can one drop of sweat store enough incriminating details to nail a murderer? How does our voice betray our identity? Is a palm print as distinctive as a fingerprint? What stories can flies and insects tell us about a crime scene?

Partners in Crime – Season 2 spills all. Asia’s forensic prowess is once again put under the microscope and in the limelight. At the forefront of forensic research and application in crime investigation, Asia’s prolific forensic experts make perfect partners for the police in their pursuit of justice and truth.

6 × 30mins episodes: