Chasing Sleep


Title Page of Chasing Sleep

Why do we need to sleep? Why is sleep so hard to get for some, and how does that affect everything from our performance to our income?

Sleep is one of the hottest topics in science today. On average, we spend one third of our lives in slumber land. For something that we do naturally for one third of our lives, we know surprisingly little about it.

How many hours of sleep are ideal for the body? At what point does sleeplessness becomes a sleep disorder requiring treatment? What happens when we are deprived of sleep? What happens when we sleep? Do children need more or less sleep? Do their sleeping requirement change as they grow?

Insomnia and sleeping too little are practically epidemic in modern societies and especially Singapore. Many of us are guilty of sacrificing our sleep for a myriad of seemingly compelling reasons. Chasing Sleep will be a ground breaking medical series that will make a sleep guru out of you. You will sleep the sleep of babies and stop chasing sleep.

6 x 30mins episodes: