Silent Screams


Silent Screams – Title Page

Affluent, educated, safe - this is Singapore?s public face.
But like other Asian countries, she has her private side, she has her secrets.
This week in Silent Screams we take a walk into the world of abused spouses in Singapore.
Have one out of ten women here experienced physical violence or sexual abuse?

5.2 million people live in Singapore today. 1 in 4 have a university degree. 90% own a home. The unemployment rate stands at an underwhelming 2%, and the crime rate is one of the lowest in the world.

By all counts Singapore is affluent, educated and safe. But other numbers tell a different side of her story. One in ten women here have experienced physical violence or sexual abuse. Six in ten have endured repeatedly violence. But only a fraction of these victims come forward to the authorities for help

What are the driving forces behind domestic violence? Why do victims remain silent for so long? Is spousal abuse a private or public matter?

In this episode of Silent Screams, we follow the journey of 3 abused women and uncover some of the answers. We learn of their trauma, we hear of their heartbreak, we share their dreams.

We also speak to 3 experts who have intimate knowledge in the field of family violence who share their voice on issues of power, control, isolation, shame, apathy. We find out what Singaporeans think about spousal abuse and how much more can be done make these Silent Screams heard.

1 x 60mins episodes in HD: